Simple and Subtle: maxi love

Maxi dress+twisted braid=Beautiful combo ❤

I fell in love with maxi dresses, partly because of the comfort they offer and also due to the elegant poise they bring with them. I kept my makeup to the bare  minimum. My favorite part of the shoot was my simple twisted braid. All I had to do was twist my hair to one side and then just use a little hair spray to keep the braid intact. And I adorned my smile and I was good to go.

Tip: Wavy,curly or straight any type of hairstyle would look beautiful with a maxi dress, but why not a braid. It’s different and also I think you should totally give it a try.
















Outfit details:

Chevron print tube maxi dress : Macy’s ( $13)

Tie-up bralette : H&M (for $5)


If  you love maxi dresses too  and want to share your maxi story with me, please stop by. Share your pictures with me and how you styled it 😉 😀



Much love,

Divz ❤ 




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