Let’s move on.



That night,he killed himself thinking about all those things he said to her, to end their relationship.He had the worst nightmare of his life.When she pushed him away,he craved for her.Now,when she wants to be with him,he can’t have her.Only because of his ego,his cowardliness.Maybe,he lost himself to her and he doesn’t possess strength to go back to her.Maybe,he didn’t even deserve her.But he knew,that he could find solace in her arms only.He was just too stubborn to admit.Yes.He has moved on.He transformed from a happy-go-lucky champ to a responsible guy.But,he was still crazy about her.He has overcome all those lonely nights without her.But he still loved her,he craved for her.Her one touch could still make him go weak in the knees.He meets her everyday in his dreams,he caresses her and sometimes,they even make out in his dreams.She was all he ever wanted,but he was just too hurt to go back.He sometimes feels like running back to her and hugging her tight and not letting her leave him.Kissing all her tears away,he sometimes thinks about making love to her.He misses her a lot;her antics,her voice,her smile,her pathetic film dialogues.He dedicated a line for her,in his heart though..

“she’s mad but she’s magic,there is no lie in her fire”

A Charles bukowski quote, he read somewhere.

He loved her for an eternity and he will love her for thousand years more.Looking into the darkness,his life felt empty.The void which she created in his life was irreplaceable.She was his one in seven billion.His everything.He can never stay away from her.He was just busy fighting,with his inner demons.Though it gets complicated at times,he is damn clear about his true,serene love for his girl.It was her,it was always her.A lone tear escaped his eyes.He hated himself for hurting her.He felt jinxed.

He smiles thinking about her,how effortlessly she turned him on,all the time.How she stays crazy when he is around her and all those you-take-my-heart-away glances;he feels,they are the priceless moments of his life.He can never forget her,he knew this very well.She followed him as a shadow in his dreams and during the lonely nights,she consumes the darkness and sleeps in his arms.Silly boy! He loved her more than anything in this world.!!


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