Is sleep paralysis even a thing?



Who doesn’t like to sleep and we even dream so much. we all have had our share of dreams. Few funny, few revolve around our long lost friends with whom we have somehow avoided contacts and that’s how they manage to remind us. Then,there are set of dreams which get you agitated, which won’t let you sleep. Yes!! I have heard about sleep paralysis from a friend. He like a storyteller, shared his experiences. Many of those ended up scaring the hell out of him. He could only move his eyeballs, but his body felt like a corpse. To be honest, I could only believe him partially, because I never heard of it before.

This post is all about my experiences. I felt like a total nincompoop, explaining my friends what I have experienced from the past two months.

-Incident 1-

It was just any normal day for me. Me and my roommate, we were sleeping peacefully.  It was the cacophonous alarm that woke us up. My friend had to go somewhere. Forcibly, with half closed eyes, I just went up to the main door to lock it and then came back to my room and fell asleep immediately. After a while, I was dreaming about how the closet door which is right in front of me was hung wide open. I kept thinking  who must have opened it, when there’s nobody at home at that time, except me. Then, I felt I wasn’t dreaming, because partially, I could feel my body weight on the bed.I felt someone really close to me. I couldn’t hear any sound, but I strongly felt that presence. I wanted to open my eyes, I wanted to run away from my room. But my body won’t move an inch. I felt like a corpse, I felt I woke up dead. I was totally panicked and after few seconds of trying to pull myself up, I opened my eyes. I didn’t shout, I felt weak and petrified. My closet door wasn’t open and there was nobody near me. All I could do was, just get ready and show myself out of the house. It was just a nightmare and I thought that was nothing.


-Incident 2-

Almost a month later( I don’t remember the exact time)

I remember clearly, It was an afternoon and then you know how girls are, minutes just turned into hours involving gossips and that’s when we just took this short nap. I probably just dozed off to sleep, where I wasn’t ready to wake up until next few years maybe 🙂 It just happened again. I was half conscious, I knew I was sleeping from the past few hours. What was bizarre was the presence I felt which was really close to me. My left hand ached and became numb. Probably, I was using it as my pillow. But, I felt that presence even stronger this time. I always try to move, though I was scared to a level I can’t put into words. I wanted to open my eyes, I wanted to scream for help, If that was a dream, I wanted it to end. I couldn’t move an inch. I could feel my body trying to move over to my right side. Strangely, I felt the presence also moving in sync with me to the right. Just a few seconds of mental fatigue and conundrum, I woke up. I opened my eyes. And yes, I moved from left to the right side of my body. What was it? Why do I feel there was a force so near to me. When in reality, it could have been just a dream. Probably, what happened was beyond my apprehension.


-Incident 3-

Few days back.

I had a good vacation and was also really tired. After sorting out what pictures I would be posting on my Instagram or whats app, I needed sleep. That takes a lot right! 😛 My alarm just woke me up next morning. I remember, I just turned it off and fell asleep right after. In less than an hour, I again went into a hibernation. I only remember, how a presence tried to pull me up. Of course, I was shook.

I then, tried to contact my friend who have had experiences of sleep paralysis attacks. He empathized with me unlike my other friends who found it hard to believe. So, eventually my covert dreams with a strange presence was nothing but symptoms of sleep paralysis. Of course, I did my share of research and its completely normal to experience it. But, right after having one, trust me you feel dead.!!


Here’s the link to an article I found it interesting and it explains it all. Have a look:




Have a great day you guys. Do comment below, if you had a similar experience like this.


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