Dear self



This is just a remainder to self,here’s to positive vibes ,hope and faith. πŸ™‚

Dear Self,

Stop it right now.Just stop crying.Get this right.No,he doesn’t love you,probably he never will.Will it make you any less attractive or less lovable?No.His opinions doesn’t define you.You have always given him the love which he didn’t deserve,he is not worth your attention or time and energy.Let him get served for what he deserves.Send him love and move on. In case,if you are worried of how you will have to end up alone in this brutal world,no,you wouldn’t. Trust me when I say this.You are not alone and please stop chasing people,don’t settle for mediocre.There are far more wonderful things ahead than the crappy ones you left behind.Not everything you lose is a loss.Take a deep breath.Work on yourself,achieve your ideal weight.Drink lots of water,make connections,travel as much as you can.Meet new people,know their story,start a ritual.Fall in love with as many things as possible.Start your own bucket list. Expect miracles,believe in magic to experience it.Never let the child inside you die,never say no to climbing a tree or blowing a bubble.Catch fireflies, take pictures like a lot of them; happy pictures, funny pictures,of other people and that of everything you love. Decorate your wall with your pictures. How about meeting your doppelganger?You never know how u blew away a stranger’s mind;umm..he probably spotted you somewhere and he just can’t think of anything else.Awesome,isn’t it?Wanted to play basketball when in school,but never got a chance?Why don’t you do it now.One day you’ll wake up and there won’t be any time to do the things which you wanted to do.Get up early,just be excited for the smallest things in life.Explore yourself,overcome fears,do something productive,learn a new language.Watch movies, learn dialogues from your favorite movies.Sing along songs,learn lyrics of your favorite songs.Listen to podcasts. Read books; good books, read a lot. Get inspired. You never know whom you inspire. Learn a new language. Plan a vacation and go on a vacation,make travel videos, take touristy pictures. Click Polaroid pictures, save them in an album. Don’t talk when you’re angry.Don’t do drugs.Call your mother,talk to her everyday. She loves you the most. Donate clothes which you don’t wear anymore.Spend time at an orphanage.Make sandcastles.Try skydiving.Eat a lot,eat until your tummy hurts.Learn cooking,learn about everything that goes into making your favorite dish.Bake cakes,and eat the entire cake. Chocolates and ice cream can always lift your mood.Get proper sleep,feel beautiful,because you are πŸ™‚ Don’t compare yourself with other girls,just be yourself.Don’t try to be like the girl in the magazine.You are enough.When you feel low,when nights get lonely and all the trauma comes back to you,don’t think much.Just go to sleep.Dance your worries away.Always remember,there is only one thing that you can control;today,your present.Live for today.Live this life to the fullest,explore the different shades of yourself,write a series about your life.Change for the better,not to impress anyone.Stay crazy.You will be okay,you will do just fine.You will start loving your body,you will be praised.Just remember,always look forward to every sunrise and never give up on yourself.

Don’t worry, you’ll grow more beautiful with time:-):-):-)



Indeed there are no worries πŸ™‚





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