Beach essentials: tips from a belle


There is something breathtaking about beaches, isn’t it? Those breezy winds, salt in our hair and the sand that just won’t leave us. I haven’t been to many beaches in USA, but the ones I visited till now, I’m glad I did. Your presence at the beach, it just takes you to a state of tranquility. You want to lay there forever, just let the waves touch your feet and let the sand to stick to your body. Probably, that’s what life is all about, a state of immense happiness, where you just want to sit and gaze at the beauty and do nothing 😊

Tips for a beach getaway:

  • Often, we miss few beaches which are less known in every state, but they could be just too beautiful to miss. Do your research about the place you are likely to visit, make your plans and spend time wisely. Make sure you check the timings and details about the entrance fee. Few beaches may just need an entrance ticket, while few others might charge more.
  • Check for all the free activities you can involve in at a beach.
  • If you love to hike, you can plan for a beach which is attached to a hiking spot. That way you can make your vacation more fun. Hiking+ beach= SUPER FUN 😃

We often forget a lot of things to pack for a beach vacation. The list I made is purely based on my experiences and if there are things which you think should make it to this list, you are welcome to help me add more 😃

Beach packing list:

  • Water: You get dehydrated easily staying by a beach and its always better to carry water bottles or any liquids with you. Stay hydrated and have all the fun.


  • Food: We all love to carry snacks or other eatables from home. Why not barbecue by the beach this time? It’s rather easy, all you have to do is carry marinated stuff  from home,fry it and there you are, delectable food by the beach.


  • Carry your own camping tents or a chair: Before setting up a tent by the beach, check for the areas where you can find free WiFi and easy access to restrooms. Avoid setting up your tent near the shore, the intensity of waves can’t be risked. If you plan to stay at the beach during night,Carry a jacket with you, often it gets too cold at the beach. A chair, if you like to read a book during day time near the beach.
  • A good pair of flip flops: They are always a good option, easy to wear and handle at a beach. Try to avoid heels, as you may feel difficult to walk in the sand.


  • A spare pair of clothes
  • A plastic bag: to carry your wet clothes
  • Swimming tube
  • Bath tissues: one or two would be enough, just in case
  • Power bank
  • A torch light with high beam and rechargeable batteries
  • A mini water cooler
  • Medication: general tablets related to headache, fever and cold
  • A road map: you can’t always depend on google maps or internet to help you with the routes.
  • Sunglasses or shades


  • A pair of running shoes: If you plan for a hike, it is mandatory that you carry a good pair of shoes.
  • An umbrella
  • I POD : nights by the beach and music, what more can we ask for.
  • Some liquid cash
  • Sunscreen or sunblock: Make sure you have the one with a good SPF. A sunscreen is our skin’s elixir. Don’t forget it please. If you like a good brown tan, I would still recommend applying a sunscreen.


  • A book or diary: I am a person who loves to read in a calm environment. Often, beach makes a person ruminative, we discover that we have a hidden writer in us. It would be legit to Penn them down, you never know you could be a poet 😊


Well, this list I made is entirely based on my thoughts. You are very welcome to add more to the list; all additions or suggestions are appreciated 😃

While at a beach, don’t forget to:

  • Make a sandman
  • Click pictures and take happy videos
  • Keep your phone aside for a while and just bathe in the sun, feel the moment
  • Play a sport
  • Run along with the waves

Have a joyful day guys 😊 Lots of love.!!





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