Basorexia: love and loss


He moved in his bed relentlessly, swapping positions; thinking of a way to fall asleep.He felt so restless,surrounded by precarious silence.It was an irony in itself,because his inner demons were having a war inside.Abruptly,he stood up and put his shirt on,adjusted his ruffled hair and drove to her place.

He was well acquainted with that area.With that unwavered poise,he entered her room through the window as always.Nervousness begin to emerge in him,as he didn’t want to get caught in a rather embarrassing situation like this.The storm inside his head,slowly abated.

She looked like a kid while sleeping.Her long lashes,her soft skin,her pink fuller  lips;everything about her was so beautiful.A timeless beauty;he stroked her hair.In an attempt to take the strand of her hair away,he woke  her up.She didn’t shout,but she paused for a while,her mouth wide open forming an amusing O-shape.A smile crept through his face ‘so cute, he thought’.

She was lost in his eyes,both were lost in a moment trying to read those eyes which spoke volumes.She adjusted her top and moved away,increasing the distance between them.She was about to stand up,when he held her hand.She immediately jerked it away.He remained nonchalant.

She stood up and managed to ask him “I hope you know that you are at the wrong place,I hope that you are in your senses”. She never looked into his eyes,stealed glances at him and turned away.He was mesmerized by her beauty,like a love-lost kid,he was busy admiring her.She looked beautiful in that pink tee and shorts,that ended up much above her knee.Her long legs and those long wavy hair,made her look like a girl straight from a Disney movie.He stood up and started walking towards her.Looking into her eyes,he asked; Do you really want to know the answer?

When she turned to look back,he was standing close to her.His cologne was sending shivers down to her spine.She tried to move away,but he pulled her towards him.She managed to put her hand around his neck,he placed his hand over her tender waist.They could sense each others heartbeat now.He kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes in anticipation.They could sense the craving for each other.He removed the strand of hair from her cheek and kissed her again. And she lost it.He went crazy by her warm breaths over his neck.Slowly,he moved his head down from her neck,kissing her all over.They had their most passionate kiss,he wanted to enter into her mouth and he bit her lower lip.They were lost in each other.He wanted to feel her,be with her like this,forever.He tightened his grip over her waist,she rubbed his back,caressed his hair.They were holding each other and he was kissing her fervently.Suddenly,he tried to slide his hand down her tee,that’s when reality struck her.She pushed him away,making a disgusted expression.He felt pathetic,he wanted to run into her arms and cry like a child.

Before he could say anything,she shouted at him, asking him to leave and to never come back.He was shattered,he could sense the sinking feeling, of her moving away from him.He wanted to tell her how much he loved her.But,he didn’t say anything.He moved towards the door,turned back to have one last glance of her.She was already in her bed, half-asleep.Tears welled up in his eyes.But that night,realization hit him hard,he lost himself to her.


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