World’s Best Boyfriend Book Launch :Meet and greet with Durjoy Datta :)

Hi people. My today’s post is a snippet from my meeting with an Indian author; Durjoy Datta.

May 31st, 2015

Landmark bookstore, Hyderabad

I was super excited to know, that my favorite author Durjoy Datta was visiting my city. I started stalking all his social media handles, articles about his new book launch and his tweets about his book launch tour. Coming from a household, where reading books other than my math formulas or science wasn’t really appreciated. I tried to create a curiosity in the house, saying I just read few books of Durjoy and that they were inspiring. Also, meeting him would really make a difference in my life and what not. Only my mother felt a bit excited, my plans worked. She with her usual taunts managed to convince my dad. There I was, shabbily dressed and almost 30 minutes late to the event.

We reached the venue, my dad was looking for a spot to park our car. I got down and ran to the security.

“Bhaiyya, kya Durjoy datta andar hain? event start hogaya kya?”

He just smiled and said “haan, bohot time hua hain unhe aakar”

Me and dad then went inside where I was about to meet him 🙂 There he was, smiling and killing us all with his dimples. Trying to answer as many questions as possible. With that mic in his hand, his chivalry, his smile, him..I wish I was that mic in his hand 😛 And I’m sure, many other girls who were present there wished the same. He just seemed like a puppy, whom you have to handle with care, very fragile and endangered. Haha, that’s actually a fan girl me typing all this. I just had to stand there, consequences of being late to an important event. But, I grabbed a chance when he said that was the last question he would be answering before winding up.

“Yes, give me the mic”. A girl passed on the mic to me and I could sense people staring at me and of course, he too was waiting for my question, adjusting his mike.

“Are you serious, people are staring at you, he’s looking at you, are you sure you can do this? Girl, give away the mic and just hide somewhere.”….sssshhhh


Hi Durjoy. I might fumble on my own words, I’m really very nervous right now. *look at those eyes man…arghh*  You are soooooo cute.!!!

I heard that; how the crowd went from slow giggling to laughter. I enjoyed the moment, I laughed with them.

I clearly screamed a “I LOVE YOU Durjoy, right after”

“Thank you.”

*This cute puppy says thank you…stop being so cute*

“Umm..everything is just the same, like everybody here said I love your dimples, I love your books.. copy+paste :p  So, what do you have to say to all the aspiring writers.

” You should read a lot, not only mine but others as well. But, first begin with reading all my novels…..he continued talking

*Did I just had a blackout, I’m lost in your eyes*

Thank you Durjoy 🙂

After the Q&A session, what followed was the launch of his new book “World’s Best Boyfriend”,mandatory selfies, his book signing ritual everything went on as it was meant to be. Girls went gaga over his dimples,what I found really cute was his immense fan base; not only among young girls ,but also women from all age groups .Even a lot of men appreciated his work. I just had a quick chat with him while he was signing my copies and he was very humble. This was definitely a happy day for me 🙂

Few pictures from the event, pardon me for the clarity. They were all taken in my Lumia, also I’m not good at clicking pictures.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

IMG_6497  IMG_6499


It was one of my friends, who was an ardent reader of Indian novels and that’s how I came across Durjoy Datta. I got my hands on one of his novels “Of course I love you, till I find someone better”. After that, I started following him on social media, read his rest of the books and I was hooked. Though, it’s the fan girl in me that’s praising him sky high, his books are somehow relatable. You find striking similarities in the essence of love,life and betrayal. They are predictable. But, few of his books are heartbreaking and soulful must-reads. My personal favorites are “If it’s not forever,it’s not love” and “Till the last breath”. If you haven’t read them before, please try to read them and do let me know, how you like them.

Durjoy Datta is  a Delhi-based writer, Entrepreneur and screenwriter. He has written over 15 novels( I hope I got the number right) and I really like how he never shies away from giving his novels insanely amazing names. People would have envied him for his dimples and his good work , but another significant part of his life which we can’t get over is his stupendously talented and breathtakingly beautiful wife Avantika Mohan. Her impeccable fashion choices and her travel blogs made me admire her too. If you want to know more about Durjoy Datta or his books, please use the link below:

His set of books:







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