Shopping: Favorite Dollar Store Finds

Dollar store is my favorite place to shop; pocket-friendly and has almost everything I need.

Well, the entire store and all the items are by default on this list, but due to constraints, these are my top picks:


  • Storage : collapsible storage containers in different sizes, plastic boxes with lids,over-the-door racks, plastic wastebaskets
  • Health & Beauty : bath sponges,tissues,cosmetics, makeup wipes, cotton swabs,small mirrors,buckets,bobby pins,hair supplies,lint rollers, medicines, ointments,bathing salts,body scrubbers,bath towels,sunglasses,sunscreen and moisturizers
  • Books,Crafts & toys: coloring books, adhesives, markers, pens, journals, stick pads, stamp pads, hardcovers, bubble wands, picture frames
  • Party items:balloons,gift boxes,invitations,table covers,party plates and other disposables,party masks,cards.
  • Kitchen & household: kitchen towels, storage containers, water bottles, dining items, ice trays,door mats, travel mugs, napkins, crockery
  • Cleaning: we usually buy air freshers,laundry detergents, trash bags and fabric softeners here.
  • Picture frames/decorative posters: they are so affordable and has a good collection
  • Perfume/Incense sticks/matchboxes/diffusers
  • Phone accessories
  • Food: candy,boxed food items,soft drinks,gums and mints,condiments

My top #1 from this list of favorites would be storage and organisation; these stores literally have everything  you need to organize your entire house;be it a kitchen, bedroom or a closet. You can make small and confined places into spacious areas using dollar store organizers. A big thumbs up for it 😀

Articles I found helpful about dollar store hacks

*there are like myriads of articles online about dollar store hacks, I just managed to post these*

-Dollar store Organizing Ideas

-Dollar Store Hacks


If you like shopping from Dollar store, comment below and tell me about your favorites 🙂



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